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Criminal Behaviour

Break-Ins While You're Home

Lately, I have been attending a lot of break-ins all over Brisbane. Disturbingly, a lot of them were during the day when someone was home. Laptops, iPads, mobile phones and wallets were taken, as per usual - but now criminals are more interested in stealing your car and house keys.

Most recently was a home in Jindalee where the old security door and mesh was pulled out of the frame, the wooden front-door kicked in, and the keys and two vehicles were stolen. This all happened at 10am whilst the owner was asleep,

The so-called security door on the front was over twenty years old - a single lock door that was riveted together. These doors may have been ok 20 years ago, but we live in different times now. Single lock doors are NOT security doors. Doors or screens that are riveted can be easily pulled or kicked out of their frames. If you have a door or screen that is riveted, single lock, or old in general, it may be time for an upgrade. We upgrade our cars when we don't feel safe in them, or even if they're getting a bit old. Unfortunately, sometimes we only upgrade our security when it's too late. Since this break in, CSI have installed new doors and locks and I can guarantee they will never kick or pull the mesh out of our doors. We all need to feel safe in our homes. If you don't, don't wait until it's too late.

Give CSI a call on 0433 976 212.

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