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Safety & Security Films

ArmorGard | Safety & Security Films


Safety Films for your protection!

Made in the USA, ArmorGard Safety and Security films are incredibly tough and are relied upon throughout the world to protect lives and property from shattered glass.


ArmorGard Safety and Security films are the result of years of research, development and field testing under the most stringent conditions.  Manufactured to meet the high standards demanded by government authorities and industry alike, the range of ArmorGard Safety and Security films has been developed to suit a variety of applications.

State of the Art Technology

The processing plant for ArmorGard films in San Diego California, is among the most modern in the world and employs manufacturing technologies well in advance of its main competitors.  Furthermore, ArmorGard Safety and Security products are continually being subjected to various tests by leading independent research organisations in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Tested to Meet Australian Standards for Safety

ArmorGard Safety and Security films have been tested to meet AS / NZS 2208-1996 Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings (Human Impact Considerations) and incorporate a hard coat scratch-resistant finish which surpasses both ASTM 1044-86 Resistance of Plastic to Scratch Abrasion, and ASTM 1003-61 Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Plastics.  This ensures durability, and because they also reject 99% U.V. light ArmorGard Safety and Security films protect curtains, furniture, carpets and valuable retail stock from fading.

Performance Under Pressure

An impact test was devised by the James Cook Cyclone Testing Station at Townsville, Queensland, to simulate the effect of flying debris during a severe tropical cyclone.  Although the glass was shattered by the impact, the ArmorGard Safety and Security film kept the glass fragments intact and in the window frame.

High Impact Human Safety

Glass doors, floor to ceiling windows, and glass walls are a feature of many modern homes and buildings.  Such architectural highlights however, can be potentially hazardous - particularly to children running, playing or riding push-bikes.


In human impact situations ArmorGard Safety and Security film retains shattered glass to minimise cutting and piercing injuries

The Ultimate Test of Strength

While most homes and businesses will never be subjected to anything as extreme as a bomb blast, the following tests underline the phenomenal inherent strength of ArmorGard Safety and Security film, and the benefits it provides under normal living and working conditions.

Explosion Proof Security

ArmorGard Safety and Security films have been tested at the Bomb Data Centre by the Australian Federal Police. Using 6mm float glass without ArmorGard Safety and Security film, the explosion caused the glass to shatter and travel with such force that any persons in the vicinity would probably have received fatal injuries, and property damage would be enormous.


The same explosion test carried out with ArmorGard Safety and Security film fitted demonstrated an impressive result as the glass was completely retained in the window frame with no possible chance of injury or damage to property.

Stays Cool Under Fire

When fire breaks out inside a home or office it relies on increasing amounts of oxygen to sustain its growth. However, when ArmorGard Safety and Security film is applied to ordinary glass the risk of shattering is greatly reduced, thereby minimising fire damage.

Protection Around the Clock

ArmorGard Safety and Security film fitted to plate glass shop windows makes rapid smash and grab theft unlikely. It normally requires several hand hammer blows to crack the glass, and several more to produce an opening large enough to reach through, or permit entry.

Tinted ArmorGard Safety and Security Films

ArmorGard also offers sputter-coated Safety and Security films which, in addition to protecting your home or business, give the added benefits of solar control films - stopping up to 70% of the sun's solar energy.  That means your home or office will stay cooler and you'll save money on expensive energy bills.

10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

ArmorGard Safety and Security film is warranted for 10 years against bubbling, loss of optical clarity, cracking and crazing.

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